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Baltic Amber Bracelet

Baltic Amber Bracelet


Baltic Amber Bracelet


This unique beauty was made with healing Baltic Amber beads and a cool royal crest button closure giving you the ability to tie a simple knot to your desired length and loop over the button to secure. 


Baltic Amber: "There are many ways that Baltic Amber can be used including as an antibiotic that stimulates and supports the body's immune system. It also provides healing and stimulating tissue revitalization; perhaps the most significant ingredient in "breakthrough" pharmaceutical remedies for skin disorders and anti-aging creams today is Succinic Acid which is the key substance found in Baltic amber. As much as 3% to 8% - the largest quantity found anywhere in nature. The list of healing properties goes on and on. For example, Baltic Amber works on mental clarity and mood balance and boosts confidence. It helps relieve ailments of the stomach, respiratory system and lungs, endocrine system, spine, thyroid, spleen, and neurological system including the brain. Natural Amber can withdraw the illness or virus or affliction out of the affected area and neutralize any negative energy. It is also helpful with depression and can help reduce or eliminate depression to bring about better memory as well as a positive state of mind. Where did all these incredible characteristics of natural Baltic amber come from? Well, from nature millions of years ago. Baltic Amber is a Fossilized Resin that was produced by pine trees also known as Conifer Trees that existed in Northern Europe – an area that extended from the southern regions of what is now Scandinavia and the nearby regions of the bed at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. At some point, historians have determined that as the climate in those regions became warmer, these trees began to “weep” large amounts of resin (sap). Scientists have concluded that natural Baltic Amber achieved stability over time as the result of oxidation. If you hold a piece of Baltic Amber in your hand, you will find it is warm to the touch and when in contact with the body, transmits a very relaxing fragrance. Natural Baltic Amber can be found in a wonderful array of colors that create a statement in jewelry or just the most amazing natural healing substance you will ever find. Is Baltic Amber calling to make a difference in your life? Maybe it's time to find out."




    All pieces are made to fit a minimum of 7" diameter wrist but with the button closures being used, they can be adjusted up to approximately 8"-8.5". If you have a special request for different sizes, feel free to send a message from the "Contact" section of the website, or on any social media page associated with Exit Wounds Jewelry. 

    Also offering Custom pieces/Commissioned Art by request! Use the "Contact" form to start a request for a commission.

    All art is made with love and deep meaning. The Artist of Exit Wounds Jewelry is a Female Army Veteran using Art as a means of therapy to heal the invisible wounds of war. She is using art and creativity as a tool for growth and healing. These pieces are more than just pretty jewelry, they come from her heart and soul. It is important to understand and appreciate what is behind every piece, which makes them even more special and beautiful. Thank you for your support and interest! 


    I want you to love your jewelry item. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase,  you may return the item within 7 days of receiving it for exchange or credit ONLY, and refunds on a limited basis (excludes custom orders). Item must be in its original packaging and perfect, unused condition unless it is a case of damage in shipping. Sorry, shipping costs will not be refunded.

    Damaged Items: If for any reason your item is damaged in shipping please immediately take pictures of the damaged package including the shipping label, the damaged item, and the order number/information. These things will be necessary to submit to process a return or exchange. The return policy is provided in the "Return Policy" section of all orders.

    Lost in shipping: If your item is lost in shipping, please check your tracking information provided to you with your purchase receipt and contact us via email so that we can work with you to track down the package, issue a replacement/exchange, and discuss other possible solutions.


    Gift wrapped by request. Packaged securely with tissue paper and bubble wrap, in a padded envelope to prevent damage in shipping. Larger pieces/orders will be shipped securely in a box. If for any reason your item is damaged in shipping please immediately take pictures of the damaged package including the shipping label, the damaged item, and the order number/information. These things will be necessary to submit to process a return, refund, or exchange. Please refer to the return policy provided in the "Return Policy" section of all orders.

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