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Blue Lace Agate, White Onyx, & Cats Eye Healing Bracelet

Blue Lace Agate, White Onyx, & Cats Eye Healing Bracelet


This absolutely gorgeous piece is made with a beautiful Blue Lace Agate center stone, surrounded with Cats eye and White Onyx, with a cool button closure giving you the ability to adjust the length with a simple knot.

Measures from 7.3" +

Blue Lace Agate: "Blue lace agate is an extremely soothing stone, and according to Askinosie, it's a great one to reach for when you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. "It helps to self-soothe, improve mood, and return to a state of calm."

White Onyx: "White Onyx has properties of making one's mind positive. It will purify negative energy, will clear sadness or anxiety. This stone is beneficial for releasing any type of fear or worries. White Onyx has solid energy inside, so it has been believed that it can increase the owner's stamina."

Cats Eye: "Wearing cat's eye is believed to help ward off evil and acts as a talisman to protect against unforeseen danger. This stone is commonly known to bring wealth and prosperity and/or help people regain lost wealth."

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