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Jasper & Serpentine Hatband/Wrap Bracelet

Jasper & Serpentine Hatband/Wrap Bracelet


Dress up your favorite hat with this gorgeous earthy Hatband/Wrap Bracelet! I've even had some me people use these pieces as jewelry for their dogs! This piece is made with a unique Jasper center, surrounded by Serpentine stone, Green and Cream colored Jasper, Phantom quartz, and wood, with a cool coconut shell button closure giving you the ability to adjust the length with just a simple knot!

Jasper: "Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing."

Serpentine: "Serpentine is said to clear clouded areas of the chakras and stimulate the crown chakra, promoting spiritual understanding and psychic abilities."

Phantom quartz: "Shamans consider phantom quartz to be the light stone. It symbolizes the light residing in every person."

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