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The Self Encouragement Wrap Bracelet/Hatband

The Self Encouragement Wrap Bracelet/Hatband


The Self Encouragement Wrap Bracelet/Hatband


This gorgeous eye-catching wrap bracelet/hatband is lovingly made with a beautiful Labradorite centerpiece, surrounded with faceted Czech Glass rondelle beads, with a lobster claw and chain clasp giving you the ability to adjust to your comfort.


Labradorite: "Labradoressence-Unlike most stones, the color displayed from Labradorite does not come from light reflected from the surface of this mineral. Instead, the spectrum of colors that you are seeing is caused by light reflecting off of a twinning surface within the stone. The difference in colors depends on the type of twinning surface that the light is refracting off of. Meaning & EnergyLabradorite harness the true potential of our transformative power. Personally, it is one of the first stones that introduced us to the crystal world. If you are someone that experiences anxiety or is constantly doubting themselves, Labradorite is the stone to look to. If you are experiencing an anxiety attack, we recommend holding or rubbing a piece of Labradorite, reminding yourself that you have the power to talk yourself down from any situation. It’s hard for us to realize sometimes how powerful our minds truly are. Just as we can work ourselves up from situations, we can always calm ourselves down. We are the judge, jurors, and executioners of our fate, so why not judge ourselves worthy of happiness and potential? Oftentimes we are quick to judge and label ourselves and others around us. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to positively talk about ourselves and what we have to offer to the world. Unworthiness is a crippling thought that can stop anyone in their tracks. Finding the light that we all have inside ourselves may be difficult, but it requires us to look in the right direction. Once you see that flash and shine you will quickly realize your true potential. This is a mirror image of what Labradorite has to offer both physically and energetically. Once you catch that piece of Labradorite at the right light; all magic comes to life. Labradorite reminds us that we just need to view ourselves and others in the right light to see what truly makes us shine."



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