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The Power of the Sea Wrap Bracelet/Hatband

The Power of the Sea Wrap Bracelet/Hatband


The Power of the Sea Wrap Bracelet/Hatband


This gorgeous wrap bracelet/hatband was lovingly made with a beautiful Mother of Pearl Inlay Flower Centerpiece, surrounded with Mother of Pearl, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Pink Zebra Jasper, with a matching button closure giving you the ability to tie a simple knot to your desired length and loop it on the button to secure.


Mother of Pearl: "When you combine the mother of pearl with rubellite, it’ll have a calming effect once you wear it. It’ll reduce the feelings of aggressiveness and stress in you.It’ll also provide you with clearer views, as well as facilitate much better expressions.Furthermore, this stone is also an influential stone which may activate the solar plexus, as well as the throat chakras. This may also work in sending out the wisdom of the heart to those who are around the possessor.Mother of pearl’s resonating energies may also enhance the communication skills, as well as guide you in expressing yourself in an effective way.Due to the potency of it, the mother of pearl may also guide you in discovering your won potentials and encouraging you in using them.In addition, the energies that this stone has may also invite you in using your inner wisdom, as well in doing everything with intellect and heart.Mother of pearl may also encourage you in expressing your own emotions and thoughts reflectively and reflectively. It’ll also allow you in attracting warm relationships and strong kinships with those around you. 

Pairing it up with the record-keeper crystal may assist you in accepting the different changes, which may take place in life.

For Love and Relationship

The mother of pearl is a kind of stone, which may help in relieving you of all relationship anxieties and stress.

It’ll also relax and calm your emotions, assisting you in achieving a more harmonious and balanced love life.

It’ll also bring relaxation and calmness to the heart. It also soothes hot tempers, as well as release the fearful feelings.

Moreover, mother of pearl also strengthen your own intuition, as well as stimulate the imagination."




Amazonite: "Amazonite is a stone of peace, truth, harmony, and communication. It gently soothes the nerves, and it’s energies can be felt to the touch. This stone radiates blue rays full of rejuvenating vibrations that are here to calm the heart. Any environment that Amazonite is placed in will calm the energy and fill the air with positive energies. It’s been called the “peacemaker stone” due to its communicative abilities. Our heart and throat become linked, thus allowing the truest thoughts to surface and be spoken with ease. Emotions usually play a role when trying to express any truth, making it naturally hard to speak from the heart due to the power of the mind. This crystal provides flowing energies just like the river in which its found. Amazonite encourages adventure, love, inspiration, and free speech. When trying to communicate difficult topics to the ones we love, try placing a piece of Amazonite in your pocket and allow it to start working. Let the stone calm the environment and dispel any negative energies that may be near. Conversations will soon flow and allow nothing but the passionate truth to be vocalized.Amazonite also empowers and strengthens any intention that may be set in it. This special mineral assists in manifesting a path to our biggest dreams and desires. The Council recommends you vocalizing your desire while firmly holding a piece. Let the universe aware of what you plan on achieving and the path your going to take to make it a reality. Amazonite reminds us that we are in control of our own destiny and our decisions will affect our outcome."




Zebra Jasper: "Zebra Jaspers energy is very motivating, mood-lifting, and energetic. It carries within it a reminder to the bearer that it is impossible to lose all of one’s energy and love by giving it away. The source of energy and love is never-ending and is always accessible and is constantly being replenished. It is said to be good for grounding during meditation and when doing spiritual work with the higher realms, it also helps to stimulate the transition from the material plane to the astral plane during meditation. Zebra Stone helps you to find your balance in life. It encourages a generous, loving interpretation of the people in your life, helping you see beneath the superficial face of others to see their true nature in a loving light. Zebra stone is particularly effective at protecting your aura." -



Zebra Jasper:


Aventurine: "Aventurine is often called the heart healer because of its relation to the Heart Chakra. It is one of the most renowned stones when it comes to the vibration it produces. It has a common bond with the word 'chance' (because of its etymology). Among all gemstones, Aventurine is considered the most prosperous. Its green variety is known as the stone of possibility. Whether you want to succeed in your career, relationships, finance, commerce, etc., this stone is your best choice. Aventurine is also famous for halting chronic habits such as smoking, drinking, gambling, and the likes."





Rose Quartz: "Overall, Rose quartz is a stone of pure love. It assists in awakening the heart to its purest loving potential allowing one to find love for themselves and others. This awakening of the heart also provides deep feelings of personal fulfillment and contentment. It assists with spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine which allows one to deeply link their own heart to the hearts of others. Rose Quartz carries feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing which brings forth feelings of nourishment and comfort. This stone’s vibrations cleanse the emotions and the entire auric field, healing the heart of its wounds. It promotes the release of tension and stress, dissolution of anger and resentment, and dispelling of fear and suspicion, providing a rebirth of hope and faith. It also aids in healing from physical heart disease and trauma." -



Rose Quartz:

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